Asus Sonic Master Laptop gets Fun e-Card Site #ad

Asus have some rather exciting things on show at CES like the Asus Eee Pad Slider but I’d like you to keep in mind their Sonic Master loaded laptops – no points for guessing that they’re sound-centric machines.

To run along side this announcement Asus have set up a fun new site which enables you to easily sling together a music oriented custom e-Card which you can then ping off to any of your Facebook or Twitter friends or email it to everyone on your list.

You get to choose one of six music characters, upload a photo and sing a short tune. The photo is then imposed on the character, which dances and sings the tune – kinda like a more tuneful version of the ‘Elf Me’ idea.

Just follow the 5 steps: Choose a Music Box, upload photo, record and write message and share!

For some freakish (and embarrasing reason being a musician…well..bassist) my mic was doing some odd feedback thing so the audio sounded like a weird mash-up of things not nice.

Fortunately the site allows you to view other peoples attempts and they have been a lot more successful 🙂

Go and have a go and a giggle at

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