Asus ROG OC Station – On The Fly Overclocking For Gamers

rog-oc-stationASUS and the Republic of Gamers have done something pretty neat again – remember the XG Station?

Now they’re doing what they can to bump up its gaming cred a few notches with its Republic of Gamers (ROG) OC Station.

The bay-mounted overclock assistant lets you tweak parameters on the fly – even in the middle of a game and without having to dive into the BIOS.

It comes equipped with a 3 inch LCD display so that you can keep tabs on things or, apparently, showing your pictures in a slideshow.

Now comes the downsides really and I’m not just talking bout ca$h.

You’re also gonna have to give up two 5.25-inch bays to install this chunk of tech.

It also looks like it only works with ROG motherboards…..bit niche then.

Worse thing is – no news on release date or cost.

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