Asus PadFone – Mobile Phone Powered Tablet Dock

If you like the idea your mobile phone being able to power a laptop as seen with Motorola’s Atrix then Asus might have just the tablet for you! The Asus PadFone.

The new tablet concept was unveiled at the Asus press conference at the annual Computex show in Taiwan.

This tablet/smartphone hybrid allows you to slip your cell into the back of a specially designed slate – the union brings to life a full-on Android tablet.

The PadFone’s smartphone section has a 4.3-inch screen with no other specs even hinted at – although Asus has kinda whispered that it will, more than likely, be powered by the phone/tablet friendly Android Ice Cream Sandwich when it lands at the end of this year.

To me that makes perfect sense as ICS will play nice on the 4.3-inch blower as well as the 10.1-inch slate – seamless and painless 🙂

Do you dig the idea that your phone can be docked into other tech in order to power them or is this convergence thing getting a little silly?

Let me know below – enjoy the vids and the pics 🙂

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