Asus M50 – 2 Laptops in 1 Shell

asus-m50We’ve all seen multi-screened laptops before, but Asus has topped that by going the same route as their latest keyboard and have gone and squeezed two whole computers into one laptop!

The M50 concept houses 2 puters with separate processors and storage but one battery.

There’s the usual full size screen for the more powerful uses, while the smaller part of this machine’s split personality is displayed on a 4.3inch widescreen where a trackpad would normally be.

Asus is calling the laptop an “instant internet device” and I kinda get where they’re coming from.


You can jump online, check emails and send text messages from the quick booting small computer.  You can also go through your usual widgets (Calendar etc).

I’m not entirely clear just how powerful the smaller computer will be, but it comes into its own by minimising processing and battery drain when playing videos or displaying pictures – you’ll be able to watch videos for 12 hours on the full size screen from just a single charge.

If and when more info comes to light I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂