Asus launches 4K UHD Republic of Gamers laptop – ROG GX500

GX500 Asus ROG laptopAsus has announced their 4K gaming laptop at Computex 2014. Say hi to the Asus ROG GX500.

The Asus ROG GX500, as well as that Ultra HD display, comes packing a Core i7 CPU and is less than two centimeters thick.

The GX500 actually weighs in at 2.2 kg and is a mere 19 mm thin.

Under the hood you’ll find Intel’s Core i7 chip while visuals will come by way of Nvidia’s new GTX 860M graphics processor.

All that shoves pretty pictures to your peepers through a 15.6-inch 4K ultra-high-definition display with VisualMaster technology. That adds up to a resoltion of 3840×2160 (that’s 280 PPI) which apparently gives “an incredibly wide colour gamut of 100% NTSC.”

Whatever that means in real terms has to be a good thing as Asus proudly boasts that this is a “world first on a notebook.”

Finally, an intelligent dual-fan cooling system will prevent groin scorch.

ASUS ROG GX500 Gaming NotebookAnandTech notes that the 860M might not quite have the chops for 4K gaming and suggests dialing your game settings back to 2560×1440. That’s not really a hardship I guess.

I must add that proper benchmarks aren’t yet available but Nvidia’s performance specs indicate that it provides a significant step up over the company’s previous-gen chip.

Asus gave no indication as to how much this sporty notebook will cost. The GX500 is currently expected to launch sometime in the third quarter of this year, so more details as they come in.

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