Asus Kills of Eee PC’s!

asus-eee-pcAsus is culling its ever expanding  Eee PC range.

It’s said that they will be thinning out the amount of Eee Netbooks, let’s face it there’s a silly amount to contend with (over 20 I think), to a more managable number – perhaps single figures?

Asus thinks by trimming the number of Eee PC models on offer, it’ll cut costs and reduce confusion in the shops.  Well, it’s gotta help hasn’t it?

Sounds good to me.

This is probably a way of making the production a little more cost-effective as Asus seems to be losing  out to Acer in the Netbook sales.

There are even rumours of Asus raising their prices!

Personally, I reckon they should cut one for each new model – there were some really nice things being shown at CES – remember the keyboard with the computer built-in, the Airo and the M50? 😉