Asus Garmin M20 Windows Mobile Navi Phone

Garmin-Asus will launch the M20, a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone, sometime this year.

This is the second Nuvifone to hit the market, after the G60.

Although the big shocker is that it’s a Windows Mobile and not an Android phone. 

The M20 is a GSM-based phone with HSDPA data capability, along with both wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Garmin-Asus have tweked the home-page a tad just to make it more Garmin-like – you get quick access to the nav options when it’s pivoted sideways.

My main gripe is that the touchscreen is only 2.8″ so you may find yourself having to take a couple of glances to see what you’re after when you have it on your dash.

GPS is obviously the key point here and you can be sure that it wont lose the signal when your phone does – no phone signal in the forest? You’ll still be able to GPS yourself outathere!

GPS is also handy for that 3-megapixel camera - this means that the M20 automatically geotags every shot.

In addition to the microSD slot, there’s between 4GB and 8GB of onboard memory, and in there is the gig of national map data and POIs that usually comes in a regular Nuvi navigator.

In the pack you get a car dock and power cable.

Expect more details such as price and networks after it’s been pimped at the MWC.