Asus EeePad Coming as Twins! Asus Tablets Confirmed

I’ve know that Asus were working on a Tablet PC as well as the dual-screened EeeReader for a while but now the Taiwanese firm has let slip that there’s not one EeePad/EeeTablet on its way – there’s at least a pair coming!

Top Asus bloke, Jonney Shih, confirmed to Forbes in an interview this week that they have plans for “at least two” tablets to be outed this year. So that everything is fair one of the Asus tablets will run Google’s Chrome OS or Android, while the other is more-than-likely to run Windows. “

Jonney had a slight go at the iPad’s OS when he stated that “Asus always tries to address the open camps of Google and Microsoft” – Apple? Closed? 😉

Asus wants to make a mark everywhere in your home as Shih announced that “We’re interested in making anything that can improve your life experience,” – so that UV light-equipped EeeCleaner may be making an appearance soon 😉

Typically, even the loose-lipped Jonney Shih didn’t give away a launch date – but I’d expect an EeePad show-and-tell in June at the Computex tradeshow.

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