Asus Eee Keyboard Computer – More Details

asus-eee-keyboardThat Asus Eee Keyboard that packed a computer inside looked kinda groovy when spotted at CES last week.

Now I have more in-depth knowledge of that curiosity thanks to BGR.

It’s actually more potent than I imagined…….please read on.

There’s a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of memory and a choice of either 16GB or 32GB of solid state storage.

As well as that you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless HDMI and sockets for two USB connections, a VGA monitor and HDMI output.

There’s even audio input and output.

After all that, I have to feel a little deflated when discovering that Asus is only planning to include Windows XP Home, rather than the Media Centre Edition, and there’s no TV tuner built in.

I can hear your gasps as if all that Asus have already crammed inside a keyboard with its own screen should be enough for me.

Well, normally it would but Asus is bragging that it is a perfect media hub which is to be hooked up to any screen…….

There’s still not a whisper re: pricing and availability.

Are you convinced by it? Are you already in the queue for one?

Let me know.

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