Asus EB1501 – Low Price Windows 7 Nettop Packs Dual Core, DVD and NVIDIA Ion Graphics

asus eb1501Taiwan’s finest has done it again.

Looking for a Windows 7 desktop that runs an Intel Atom 333 Dual Core processor, NVIDIA graphics and a DVD burner for well under £400?

You should be looking at the new Asus EeeBox EB1501 my friend.

The new nettop will also sling out hi–def video via HDMI and is equipped with a spacious 250GB HDD and 2GB of RAM.

All that for the pittance of €399 (£363) – the only thing is that you’re gonnal have to wait until Windows 7 drops on 22 October to grab one.

Thanks Asus.

Thasus 🙂

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