Asus Designo MS Slimline LCD Monitors are Binary Based

asus MS monitorIf you don’t need two monitors and just one good looking one will do the job – check this out from Asus.

Yup – I said Asus!

Their new Designo MS Series LCD screens come in 20 inch to 23.6 inch flavours and look rather good to me.

Apparently the design concept behind the Asus Designo MS Series is inspired by binary – so you get numbers 1 and 0 (the ring stand and the 1 profile of the monitor) and black and white all worked into the ultra-slim monitor that has a 16.5mm profile.

That unique ‘Ergo Fit’ ring stand allows users to tilt the monitor with the pressure of a single finger.

The performance specs are also promising: a 2ms response, 1080P playback (in some models) and 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

We just need to wait to hear when they’ll be available and for how much.

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