Asus Bring Dual-Screened EeeBook EeeReader in Time to Un-Kindle Christmas

Asus EeeReaderYou peoples that catch-up with GadgetyNews right here will remember that dual panel laptop by Asus that was rumoured to become their EeeReader.

In June Asus vice chairman, Jonathan Tsang did say that the company had an Asus eBook device, as well as a games machine “better than the Wii” all ready to go – but now that EeeBook has been pitched.

ASUS is proudly boasting that its device is more than just an ebook reader and once finished it’ll offer much more versatility and functionality than the current Amazon and Sony offerings.

Oooooo! Handbags! 😛

Let’s face it though – it starts off by having an extra screen and once you chuck in the possibility of ‘speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype‘ as well as a web browser and a colour display you’re gonna end up with a tasty bit of kit.

Naturally there’s no word on price just yet but we all know Asus for being competitive in the price wars as well as being innovative.

That innovation may also come to play as the Kindle is still not confirmed for the UK. This gives the opportunity for Asus to clean up at Christmas as well as boost the slow sales (under 80,000 according to GfK) of eReaders here in Blighty.

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