Asus AR/VR headset at CES 2017

asus vrIt seems that Asus may have been a little optimistic when it said that we could expect their mysterious “phone based VR/AR” device by Q4 this year.

When a company, such as Asus, tell us to expect a Q4 release more often than not that’s code for an outing at Computex.

This is what we all thought, especially as an inconspicuous-looking piece of head gear broke cover a few days ago. This Oculus-style, leather-strapped device was spotted (above) at an Asus press event hiding in the shadows.

So, in essence, we have absolutely nothing to report on the “PC based VR” front, with Asus likely working behind the scenes alongside the aforementioned Oculus to further strengthen the HTC Vive barricade, but a commercial product still a little ways down the road.

Asus AR HoloLens headsetThat also means that the same can now be said about any sniff of a separate augmented or mixed reality gadget.

What we can say is that the secretive headset has been put on hold “at the request of a very big player.”

CNET reckons that said player could well be augmented reality pioneer Microsoft, which seems to still be struggling a little with its development of a consumer HoloLens model. Obviously, this is purely guesswork as nothing has been said officially.

To that end, Asus says the earliest its AR device is expected to see daylight is now January 2017, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That would mean it could be on shelves later that year.

Long story short? Still very little to go on.