Asus AIRO Origami Laptop Pics and Sketches

asus-airoAsus has already confirmed the AIRO laptop is ready for production, and now here are the concept sketches that kicked off the whole product.

The AIRO has also gone by the name of the Origami Laptop for obvious reasons.

The cool thing is that it features that functional sliding mechanism, that raises the keyboard up so that the lappy is kept chilled by convection rather than a noisey power-sucking fan.

This design also allows for a better, larger wrist rest.

The drawings below were jotted down by Asus industrial designer Johnson Shih during his train ride to work in Singapore and they show the train of thought (arf!) of the AIRO’s development.

Asus says the design promotes better airflow while the laptop is open, but makes the whole package more compact when it’s closed. In fact, the AIRO’s first codename was Airflow.

The whole project was only completed in the last month!

We could see it on sale sooner than you’d think as well even though the CES display version was still a shell – a very pretty and well constructed shell by the sounds of things.

I can’t wait!!

Check out the design ideas below:




Sketches from: Electricpig
Pic from: Engadget