Asus AIR3 iPod/iPhone Dock Goes Official!

asus-dockYet another iPod dock…….and I’ve known about this one for about a month or so thanks to the FCC and their usual leakage 😉

So why should I be writing about this new one from ASUS – just because the AIR3 sound system has gone all official like?

Well, there’s that interet radio that it comes with – that’s pretty cool right?

ASUS is also bigging up the AIR3’s audio prowess, noting that it utilises a Texas Instruments Class-D amplifier and HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) certified drivers.

The unit is also packing S-Video / composite video outs and supports UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) sharing via 802.11b/g WiFi or Ethernet.


Don’t forget about the useful auxiliary input and built-in weather forecast display that pulls down updates from the interwebsphere.

ASUS state that this dock/radio thingy is fully compatible with all iPods and iPhones except the little Shuffle.

In typical form ASUS fails to mention price or release date – if it is priced realistically then I think they’re on to a winner 🙂

Asus AIR3 Specs