Astro A10 gaming headset pleases gamers and their bank accounts

A10-rightfacing-micdown-blueAstro is a trusted name in gaming when it comes to headsets. I love my A40 TR and have also had the A50 for review. The thing is, for most casual gamers, these can be a bit of an investment. Well, the Astro A10 might just be the headset you’re looking for.

Gaming headsets are just like audiophile headphones and IEMs when it comes to pricing. If your main passion is music and you are fortunate enough to have a disposable income or are great a saving, you can invest in headphones that easily break the £1,000 barrier.

The same goes for serious gaming fans. If you have the money, or happen to be skilled enough to get on a sponsored eSports team, then £300 for a headset will appear reasonable.

For the rest of us, however, Astro has released the A10.

Astro A10 gaming headset

This new headset comes in at £55 but still promises the high-quality audio the brand is known for.

A10-M60-ControllerThe Astro A10 is also more flexible than the higher-end headphones that tend to be locked to specific consoles. The A10 will play nice with compatible with the Xbox One family of devices (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Project Scorpio), Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, handheld and mobile devices. It should also fit comfortably over all current VR headsets.

[youtube id=”fay2cYBrqT8″]

Astro A10 features

Naturally, the headset gets the famous “Tuned for Gaming” treatment from Astro’s gaming experts.

These lightweight cans should prove comfortable for long sessions thanks to their memory foam ear and head cushions and adjustable headband.

The A10’s omnidirectional boom mic even packs the Flip-Up Mute functionality usually only seen on more expensive headsets.

Astro A10 price and availability

The Astro A10 Gaming Headset is available now from major participating retailers. They are available with red, blue or green accents to match your console or battle-station.

You can also buy directly from Astro Gaming ( for £55, or bundled with the MixAmp M60 for Xbox One for £90.