Ask The Professional! Questions For Tim Page of Sony TV’s

sony-oled-tvHave you ever had a burning question that you’d like to ask, say, the Senior Technology Marketing Manager for Sony TV‘s?

Whether it’s things like:

  • How long does Sony develop its technology before it becomes available in the stores?
  • How much power does the latest Sony televisions actually use compared to the next leading brand?
  • Is Sony working on an OLED TV that’s suitable for a living room?

You can have your chance to ask your burning question by adding it to the comments below as I’ll be chatting with none other than Mr Tim Page of Sony on Thursday in a Twinterview (an interview conducted on Twitter) from 3pm GMT.

So – get your thinking caps on and add your question and I’ll try my damndest to get the official answers from Tim.

How often would you get the chance of quizzing someone like this?

Nice 🙂

I’ll post a transcript after the interview obviously.

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