Art Lebedev Reflectius – Stealthy and Laser Powered

You all know that I have a soft spot for Art Lebedev’s designs.

Here’s another one.

I attempted to guess what this angular, black thing was.

At first I though that they’d designed a stealth boat, or a stealth plane or, perhaps, even a stealth car.

I could see the Art Lebedev’s logo but that was my only clue – well, that and the power lead trailing from it.

Then I caught a glimpse of the face.

It’s a clock – but, as you’d expect, no ordinary time-teller.

This one tells the time with lasers! Oh yes!

Reflectius employs sixty rotating mirrors to redirect a beam of light in order to show you what time it is. How cool is that!?

Reflectius is still just a concept but if you take into consideration Art Lebedev’s track record for bringing concepts to life in the really real world – you’d better start saving your coinage 😉

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