Armatix iP1 the first smart gun

armatix smart gunGetting bored of all this new wearable tech? The question is what else can be smartified? We’ve got smartphones, smart TVs and smartwatches. How about a smart gun?

Gun maker, Armatix, has developed a new pistol that kind of syncs with your smartwatch.

This .22-caliber handgun comes bundled with a smartwatch. That smartwatch works as a safety mechanism. If the smartwatch isn’t in range the gun automatically locks and can’t fire.

The built-in RFID chip measures proximity, and when it senses the smartwatch, a green light on the grip pops up indicating that the gun, an Armatix iP1, has been automatically unlocked and can now be fired.

This is great since your gun will remain permanently locked in case you misplace it or if it gets stolen. In theory this should lower the chance for an accident.

Armatix iP1 sounds interesting and it should lower the number of gun related accidents but perhaps would mean not leaving your watch on the dressing table when you go to sleep.

The Armatix iP1 handgun alone retails for $1,399, the smartwatch has to be bought separately for $399. A bit cheeky as the watch is surely required to use the pistol.

The next step is for the downloadable weapons to feature a similar device.

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