Arduino Social Jukebox – The Ultimate Party Playlist

Social JukeboxWe all love a party playlist, we all love sharing our recent musical discovery. The problem is that digital music negates bringing a mixtape to a party. Switching back and forth between iPods, iPhones, etc is a faff. We need the Social Jukebox.

Sharing songs with friends has been the main way I’ve found music that I like. There are very few DJs and even fewer journalists that I trust to guide me.

Where I may hand my iPhone over for someone to listen to a track, there’s no way they’re taking my blower home with them. Back in the day I’d gladly loan them a tape, or perhaps burn a mix CD but all that takes forward planning and time.

Design student Andrew Pairman also knows this dilemma. So, he has created the Social Jukebox.

The Social Jukebox is an Arduino-powered music player that lets people embed personal playlists on to wooden, bullet-shaped tokens.

Those tokens are also wearable and can be clipped to clothing, jewelry or keychains ready to be shared.

The jukebox has multiple spaces for the RFID-equipped tokens to slot into, and it connects to Spotify and will load a random song from one of the playlists.

Gloriously, there’s no skip function – you’ll have to democratically hear out what your buddies want to share with you.

I’m all for ideas like this or Smart Party 🙂

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