Archos TV Snap-On – Mobile Digital Tele and Recording

archos snap on tvArchos has launched a TV Snap-on add-on or their already handy Archos 5 portable media player.

The Archos TV Snap-on will enable you to turn that capable PMP into a PVR without any hassle what-so-ever.

All you have to do is plug, or rather snap-on, the Archos TV Snap-on in to your Archos 5, turn on and quicker than you can say “what’s on?” you’ve got yourself digital TV without wires.

The Archos TV Snap-on has not one, but two digital TV tuners.

These means that you can watch Freeview on the move as well as being able to record it at DVD quality straight onto the Archos 5.

The cleverness doesn’t just end there – you can even schedule recordings in advance.

Nice – for £80 from this month you’ll never miss an episode of ‘enders ever again!