Arcam unveil rPlay, rPhono and AV860 home cinema pre-amp

arcam av860 angleArcam of Cambridge are at CES 2017 and have launched three new products over their rSeries and Home Cinema range.

Arcam are well respected in Hi-Fi circles and I am currently running their irDAC in my system. Bought with my own money I must add!

Over in Vegas they are taking the wrappers off of three rather nifty looking additions to their stable of products.

rSeries modular components

The new rPlay and rPhono joins the rHead, rBlink and irDAC-II under the ‘high performance accessories’ banner.


arcam rplay frontThe rPlay allows you to add network audio streaming services and internet radio to your system. It is capable of “audiophile-grade” streaming 24bit/192kHz resolution.

arcam rplay rearIt utilises DTS PlayFi, Apple Airplay and UPnP enabled music sources and is one of the most comprehensive streaming solutions available whilst still remaining affordable.

DTS Play-Fi

This supports high resolution audio (24bit/192kHz) from a wired network and enables lossless multi-room wireless audio streaming from the most popular music services including Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Pandora, Spotify and Tidal as well as thousands of internet stations.

Amazon Alexa

Yes, something else with Alexa capabilities.

Beginning in early 2017, users will be able to use an Alexa-enabled device, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Amazon Fire TV, to play and control music on one or more DTS Play-Fi enabled devices in the home, regardless of brand.


As you may have already guessed, the rPhono is a phono amplifier.

arcam rphono insideThe rPhono benefits from Arcam’s forty years+ of analogue audio expertise. The unit is optimised for low noise and minimum distortion.

Moving coil users benefit from precision impedance matching using high-quality trimmers instead of discrete steps. If moving magnets are more your thing, then you have a wide variety of capacitance options.

arcam rphono rearA selectable low frequency “rumble” filter eliminates the effects of warping or pressing irregularities, which can be present on some vinyl.

Precision components give excellent RIAA response and classleading performance figures, meaning the rPhono will delight all music-lovers.

High end home cinema


The AV860 promises a level of sound quality that is far above competing receivers. This AVR boasts to be equally at home with high resolution surround sound or two-channel music.

arcam av860 frontArcam has included the very latest room correcting technology from Dirac Research. Dirac Live for Arcam gives the dealer the ability to tune the acoustic performance of the system to any room situation giving the listener the best possible experience in their own home.

arcam av860 rearWhether you are listening to music, movies, television shows or playing your favourite video games, Dolby Atmos & DTS:X deliver the full impact of the entertainment experience.

Both video and audio stages are designed to embrace both current and upcoming technologies. HDMI2.0a with HDCP2.2 4K Ultra HD and 3D video capability are built in.

An internal tuner provides a fully integrated FM / DAB / DAB+ radio. Worldwide access to internet radio stations is provided through the network connection, which also interfaces to UPnP audio servers.

Arcam new releases prices

  • rPlay –  £399
  • rPhono –  £399
  • AV860 – £4000

If you’re in Vegas, be sure to drop by the Venetian Rooms 30/210 and 30/212.

Failing that, these new additions will almost certainly be appearing at Sound and Vision next month – aka The Bristol Show.