Aquabot – replacing fairground fish and getting around ‘no pets’ clauses

AquabotSpeaking as someone that has won goldfish at local fairs and had to send many to the aquatic afterlife via the porcelain gates and hallowed flush it soon became apparent that this was not an ideal way to adopt pets. Now I am much older and living in London there seems to be fewer landlords allowing pets, even fish, and have such a clause written in to the contract. But, what if you enjoy the calming effect an aquarium of fish has? Well, how about robot fish? How about Aquabots?

Aquabots come from the same people who brought you Nano Newtons – HexBug.

Not only do these robotic fish circumvent the no pets clause in uncaring letting agreements, but these little swimmers don’t need an expensive heated tank, filters, food and all the rest.

You can have fish perform at to your whim. Whenever you want to see them go, just drop an Aquabot in to the water and it will zoom around. Taking it out turns it off just as easily.

An Aquabot will cost you £7.95 and a button cell battery is the only feed it’ll need.

I reckon they’re pretty cool – although they haven’t worked out how to make them swim up to the glass whilst asking for ‘Bob’.

Check out the video below.

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