AQ Amigo Flatpack Portable Stero Speaker Bar Balances on Laptop Screen

aq-amigo-portable-laptop-speaker 2I’ve yet to find a laptop that actually has great speakers that give decent depth and clarity.

At home I have my laptop go through my little Denon mini system that chucks the noise out through some Q Audio monitor speakers – all well and good til I hit the road with said lappy.

I’ve tried various portable, USB powered speakers before but they tend to be a tad bulky.

My main issue is that, being fairly tall, desktop speakers would be ideal if my ears were in my forearms – I could do with some speakers that actually fire from the top of my laptop screen……

AQ Amigo has only just announced a new portable PC speaker that’s designed to fit to the top of laptop screens!

Not only that – the NXT “Exciter” flat panel boasts bi-directional speaker technology as well as being USB plug-and-play.

Naturally it will play nice with both Mac and PC portables (and desktops for that matter if you should so wish), the speaker offers 2 x 1.2 Watt output, measures 260 x 60 x 25mm, weighs 170 grams and is on sale now for the princely sum of £24.95.

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