ApriPoko Just Wants to Turn Stuff On and Off for You

ApripokoIf you’re in the market for a gadget learning help-bot then Toshiba in Japan may have the very thing for you.

They’re in the process of putting together a talking bot that can be used as a voice-activated universal remote.

The android, called ApriPoko, stands at just under a foot tall and is capable of learning how to control electronics by watching you and asking questions about your behavior.

~Here comes the scary bit~

When you use an infrared device, the robot will sense the signal and ask you “What did you just do?” If you say something like “I turned on the TV,” it will remember this and next time round you’ll be able operate that function by asking the friendly mite; he will then raise an arm and carry out your request via its IR mittens!!

The little fella is still in the R&D stages bless him, but there are plans to turn this technology into a real thing to buy, teach and nurture………………..

Pink Tentacle