Apricot Aegis – 1.8 Inch 240GB Pocket Drive

apricot-pocket-hdApricorn’s Aegis Mini portable HDD definetly takes the ‘portable’ term to heart.

At 1.8-inches it manages to squeeze in up to 240GB of storage space and still allow you to slip it into your jean’s.

The pocket-friendly external drive only weighs 3.7 ounces and it’s shock mounted so will put up with being dragged from puter to puter.

It sips at the juice as well and works from a single USB or FireWire port and that cable is neatly wrapped around the drive itself so all is neat and tidy 🙂

The Aegis USB drives cost $149, $189 and $269 for the 80GB, 120GB and 240GB, respectively.

You pay 10 bucks more if you go for The FireWire models.