AppLoop – Location Based Ads On iPhone 3G

AliphoneWhilst most of us are waiting to buy the new iPhone 3G there’s equal anticipation coming from third-party companies and developers who are waiting to take advantage of the possibilities that the SDK and GPS offers.

AppLoop is a startup launching today that will provide developers with a self-service platform for tracking mobile application usage and distributing ads on top of these apps!

This sounds a little sinister to me – a little too sci-fi. Next step is to beam ads directly into your consciousness.

It claims to be the first ever real-time, location-based mobile ad network.

Using the iPhone’s native GPS capabilities AppLoop will tell when a consumer is close to a certain business address and then serve up ads for that business accordingly – kinda how those Bluetooth enabled bus-shelters and such have done. 

So, as you walk past stores or restaurants you will receive various promotions, coupons, and discounts for those places.


AppLoop will also feed back a set of statistics for developers to track usage, location, and session info. It provides custom action logging, which makes it possible for developers to track which of their features are used most often.

eMarketer reports that mobile ad spending will reach $5 billion this year alone – so it is definetly a big bucks business.