Apples and Oranges: Orange UK iPad Tariff and MicroSIM

More flat Apple news.

You will have read that the iPad comes to Blighty on May 28 and now Orange has let the news out that they have special tariffs for the new Apple.

First thing first – you’ll need a MicroSIM to get your iPad hooked up and Orange will give those away for free at

Data usage is charged at 5p per meg each month, with a maximum charge of £40 a month – you also can nab £10 free credit when you activate that thing 🙂

Alternatively you can sign up for a daily, weekly or monthly data plan.

The daily plan is valid for one day until midnight, costs £2, and scores you 200MB of geekahol.

The weekly plan goes for seven days until midnight, costs £7.50, and includes a 1GB slab of data.

If I was making a choice mine would be the monthly sign-up and this comes in two flavours. Monthly 15 costs £15 and includes 3GB of browsing, while Monthly 25 costs, can you guess? Yup, £25 and that gives you 10GB. Both also give you unlimited interwebs when using BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots. The bit I don’t get is that the Wi-Fi has a 750MB fair use policy. WTF?

If you’re grabbing this Orange to go with your Apple you’ll also get Orange iPad apps, including Orange Wednesdays, an account tracker, and a Wi-Fi hotspot locator.

Orange’s iPad 3G tariffs will be available starting on 10 May – coinciding with the iPad pre-order date 😉

O2 and Vodafone have already said that they’ll also be offering iPad tariffs – let battle commence!

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