Apple Watch can be reset even without the passcode

apple watch editionHave you made the jump and bought an Apple Watch? Are you still considering one? Well, perhaps you should know that, should you misplace it/have it stolen, whoever picks it up next will be able to use it with no problem at all.

Apple’s newest bit of kit might be the wunderkind for fanboys and girls and those swayed by Apple’s slick marketing but this fruity smartwatch appears not to be smart enough to employ basic safety precautions.

The video below shows how easy it is for thieves to reset a stolen Apple Watch, after which they are free to pair it with their own iPhone, or sell it on for someone else to do the same.

This is all done without requiring any insider or tech knowledge.

Ironically, Apple does ask you to enter a passcode if it’s removed from your wrist, to prevent any of your data falling into the wrong hands, in the case of something like a robbery, but there’s no protection against simply wiping it and starting again.

Apple has been made aware but have not yet responded. Does this even matter to you?

Best keep your £13,500 Apple Watch Edition strapped to your wrist.

[youtube id=”cOcd7xx0vMs”]