Apple Watch battery popping concern lengthens warranty

apple watch battery swellingApple is not as perfect as some people think. However, they are good at honouring their warranties. This is particularly good news as Apple Watches appear to be suffering battery swelling issues.

Apple has announced that it will be elongating warranties for their wearable in light of this new issue.

Apparently, the face of the Apple Watch can pop off without warning. The cause of this appears to be the battery expanding.

Apple Watch expanding battery

At present, it is unknown how widespread this battery swelling issue is.

Users have reported issues and posted photos online. Reddit, Apple’s official support forums, and Twitter have all had their fair share of user stories.

Internal emails confirm issue

The probability of a battery exploding within an Apple Watch is being taken seriously.

An internal email to Apple Authorised Service Providers has been shared by 9to5 Mac. This officially notifies specialists of the warranty extension.

The full warranty will now cover the Apple Watch for three years instead of one.

Consumers not officially contacted

There have not as yet been any recall announcements or specific information sent to Apple Watch owners.

With that in mind, there doesn’t seem to be any cause for concern. This would also make me assume that the battery swelling issue is not to be that widespread.

Instead, this seems to be more of Apple getting in first by offering repairs under warranty.

Up until now, there doesn’t seem to be any reports of the Apple Watch going up in a ball of fire.

Cause of battery swelling

The Apple Watch screen cracking or being forced off by a swollen battery can be caused by many things. The battery can expand due to overcharging, overheating, or simply by being damaged by being dropped.

Still, at least you can get your fruity wearable repaired free of charge for another couple of years.

What to do

If you’re dealing with this first generation Apple Watch battery swelling issue, make a Genius Bar appointment.