Apple Watch 2 scheduled for Q2 2016

apple watch appsThis seems to be watch week. After the launch of the Tag Connect, and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition it wouldn’t be right for Apple not to make an appearance. It has been a full seven months since the Apple Watch landed so it’s time for a new one, right?

It hasn’t all been plain-sailing for the Apple wearable but then their other iDevices now have a structured and, more-than-likely, more straightforward production process. Also, I feel, getting people all excited about the Apple Watch hasn’t been as easy as it has been with the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

I reckon that Watch v2.0 has been on the cards for a while and an improved, redesigned, probably more independent second edition Apple Watch is just around the corner.

Backing this up is Quanta CEO and founder Barry Lam who has told Asian media that Apple Watch 2 research and development is in full swing as well as indirectly supporting Q2 2016 release gossip by refusing to comment on it.

apple watch 2Apparently, the revised iWatch could see daylight towards the end of next year’s second quarter in limited quantities, with mass manufacturing ramped up at the beginning of Q3.

Quanta will be the company charged with putting together the fruity gadget’s internals, helping Cupertino distribute the Apple Watch 2 around the globe as quickly as possible.

Depending how this all pans out then I think we can expect a new Apple Watch landing at some point between March and July – will it be Watch 2 or Watch S though?