Apple Watch 2 release delayed

Apple WatchApple Watch 2 was reportedly going to be unveiled at an event penciled in for March 2016, but the latest news is that this might be delayed.

Apple was apparently all set for launching their Watch 2, as well as a cheaper iPhone but reports are appearing stating that Apple may have pushed back the launch of the Apple Watch 2.

Not only that, but fruity wristwear lovers shouldn’t expect any major changes or improvements, but merely minor additions – much like the other Apple ‘S’ interim products.

apple watch 2 backsThe slightly refreshed version is said to get Facetime capabilities but won’t see much else other than a fancy new strap.

This new type of swappable band was spotted on the the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

The magnetically closed Milanese Loop wristband comprises two main configurations, thereby giving it two different functions.

According to the abstract submission:

In one configuration the wristband is magnetically coupled around a user’s wrist. In another configuration the magnetic wristband can be magnetically coupled around an electronic device to which it is attached. In this second described configuration the magnetic wristband acts as a protective cover for the electronic device to which the wristband is attached. In this way a user can reduce the likelihood of damage being inflicted upon the electronic device while it is not being worn.”

The wristband consists of a number of magnets arranged with magnetic polarity patterns that are complementary with each other, which will allow the wrist strap to become magnetically couples around the users wrist.

The thing is that, according to the Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, there has been no evidence coming from Apple’s supply chain that would signal a notable Apple Watch 2 update is actually in the works.

Could it be that Apple has learned a lesson from its iPad and realised that not all of its products need an annual refresh?

So, whether or not there’s an Apple Watch 2,  it’s expected that Apple may still schedule an event in March where the new 4-inch iPhone that has been a hot rumour over last few weeks.

Things may change in the future, so probably best waiting for an official word from the Cupertino company itself.