Apple Watch 2 looking for help

apple watch appsWe already know that the Apple Watch 2 will be launching some time in the second quarter of next year but it seems that Apple is looking for companies to help out Quanta in building them.

Quanta is currently the sole producer of the first generation Apple Watch, but according to a recent report, Apple are looking for another partner to help them produce the second generation Apple Watch.

Whoever the successful candidate turns out to be, they will be chipping in with Quanta to help with the manufacturing process. Apple is obviously expecting higher demand for their second generation smartwatch.

Apple WatchAs is the general course for Apple, the next gen Apple Watch is expected to use a similar design but with uprated internals.

Apple fans can expect a different processor, more RAM and higher storage.

The company has yet to give any figures on how many units of their Apple Watch they have sold, although reports have suggested that they have shipped around 7 million units of the device to date.

I am curious just what the official figures from Apple say.