Apple Watch 2 and smart bands for 2016

apple watch strapWhy should Apple release schedule be any different for their Watch? They release new versions of the iPhone, iPad and other kit annually and why not do the same for the Apple Watch?

According to a report which emerged recently it seemed that Apple might avoid going down the yearly iteration route for their wearable and instead introduce smart bands as an addition to the Apple Watch.

These health-focused bands would apparently link into the existing device and boost the Watch’s health-tracking functionality (Pebble is already investing in the tech).

The Apple Watch already has a small diagnostic port accessible underneath where the band links in, not only that an attached band could work via Bluetooth.

But, there could be more.

Word is that Apple also plans to introduce a totally new model of the watch next week alongside the bands.

This will certainly test/irk those Apple Watch wearers who jumped in on the first version and it will be interesting to see if Apple manages to work its marketing magic to convince them to ‘upgrade’ as often as they do with their iPhones, etc.

It has been suggested that the next Apple Watch will include a camera for FaceTime – this could either see more surreptitious video taking or the start of some bigger plans at Apple HQ.

Either way these rumours go, Apple Watch owners can definitely look forward to the release of WatchOS 2. The second-gen wearable OS from Apple adds a lot of features that seemed like omissions in the first release (such as deeper watch face customisation), and adds the ability to natively install apps, which is a sure fire win.

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