Apple Ultimate Accessory Connector – one UAC to connect them all

Lightning Cable UACHow many useless Apple cables have you got? Well, prepare some extra space as Apple is working on a new “Ultra Accessory Connector.”

The new Ultra Accessory Connector, or UAC, is said to be heading to headphones and headsets certified under Apple’s Made for iPhone licensing program.

The connector, introduced as part of a developer preview features 8 pins and measures 2.05mm by 4.85mm. This makes it thinner and smaller than existing Lightning and USB-C ports.

Apparently, it is similar in shape and size to ultra mini USB connectors that are available in some accessories.


According to Apple’s Made for iPhone specifications for the UAC this thing is designed to be used with headphone cables.

Accessory manufacturers will be able to develop a whole slew of new cables. Yay for them!

Expect Lightning to UAC, USB-A to UAC, and 3.5mm jack to UAC cables. All of these will connect to a UAC port built into an accessory for charging and audio purposes.

apple cablesSuch a port could be built into Bluetooth headphones. Why those you might ask. Well they tend to use micro-USB for charging purposes. This makes even more sense as the iPhone no longer has a headphone port. You see what I am getting at?

As well as that, the Ultimate Accessory Connector could save internal space manufacturers could use for other components.


The real question is, why has Apple developed a new port rather than encouraging manufacturers to adopt USB-C or Lightning?

Well, the answer to that is locked away in Cupertino for now. But, there are already MFi specifications for Lightning ports which does beg the question, why?

Could accessories other than headphones get to use the new Ultra Accessory Connector in the future? Who knows? But, in the meantime, start making room in your cable draw!