Apple TV Shrinks – That Includes the Price!

Steve Jobs hasn’t finished playing with his pet Apple TV yet.

He has now made it smaller, it now streams cheaper HD content and it will cost £99!

There didn’t seem to be any mention of iTV either – perhaps someone told Steve that the UK already has it 😉

The new Apple TV (which costs $99 over in the US) will offer first run HD movie rentals for £3.49 – apparently TV shows from ABC and Fox will be 99 cents across the Atlantic so perhaps 99p for similar networks over here as Steve Jobs expects the rest of the networks to get on board.

But how can the Wizard Jobs make the box so very ickle? Well, everything on the device will be rental only – which also means that Apple could see no point in including a hard drive

In that tiny frame Apple have squeezed in 802.11 Wi-Fi as well as an ethernet port and HDMI out – even the power supply has been shoe-horned in there.

iPod touch, iPhone and iPad users will also be able to use Apple TV to stream content from their mobile device using the new Airplay service. Handy for sharing that funny skateboarding Ermine clip with your friends – or, more reasonably, watching the end of that flick you started on the bus home on your big screen telly.

Netflix subscribers in the states will also be able to stream content to their TV, while there’s also access to YouTube and Flickr.

Has this made you want one now?

The device will be available in four weeks and it’s available to pre-order from the Apple Store right now.


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