Apple TV Now Available in UK – Prices and Stuff

Tech hobbiest Steve Jobs…….. OK – perhaps he’s a bit more than that but he refuses to stop toying with Apple TV!

Well, the shrunken media player has now gone on sale in the UK offering you the ability to hook up your telly to watch vids that you have on iTunes as well as the films and TV series you have stored.

The new Apple TV is a quarter of the size as the previous one and was revealed last month alongside the latest generation of iPods.

The moving picture playing puck covers connectivity with its HDMI, mini-USB, optical audio and Ethernet ports as well as having Wi-Fi 802.11.

Having that HDMI port means that this latest Apple TV is capable of streaming content in HD where applicable.

Talking about content. You have to rent the Apple TV service and HD movies start at £3.49 each.

You can’t get any TV shows yet but they cost 99c per episode in the states.

Nip to the Apple Store if you want one 🙂

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