Apple TV Getting Refreshed on September 9th

appletvApple fanboys and girls are looking forward the “Rock n Roll” event happening on the 9th.

As well as an updated iPod line there could be a refresh hitting Apple TV.

There appears to be a sudden shortage of 40GB Apple TVs with the fruity one quoting a 1-2 week waiting list.

Now, this has Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinking an Apple TV update could make an appearance at Apple’s special event.

Apple TV has generally been sat there quietly minding its own business getting its last glance over at the Macworld Expo 2008 – so, to be fair to the little blighter, it is about time that it got some loving attention.

Munster mentions: “Apple would be looking to offer a monthly package of video content designed to replace a customer’s cable bill, and may launch the service alongside upgraded Apple TV software and/or hardware.”

So, would this involve an evolution of iTunes Store video content with an addition of a monthly subscription fee?

Apple could be pushing its HTTP Live Streaming tech that they hope to use to nudge Flash off its top-spot – This could also be quite handy for streaming live iTunes video content 😉

So, new Apple TV?


Let me know 🙂

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