Apple trade-ins ready in time for iPhone 5S and 5C announcement

iphone reuse recycleHow do you usually pass on your old Apple tech? eBay? Sell to a friend? Make a gift of it? Now you can take advantage of Apple’s new Reuse and Recycling Programme, which has just landed in the UK after a successful run in the US.

It’s a straight-forward enough concept: Trade in your Apple gadgets (whether they’re old, or no longer needed) for a new Apple model, by popping the necessary details about your iDevice into Apple’s site.

An option to select manufacturer will also let you recycle other branded notebooks, and such. After choosing your category, and specifications of your device you will be asked a series of questions such as whether the device is able to boot up, and whether the device works properly. Eventually the program will assess and let users know whether their item can be recycled for a cash value.

If you’re happy with their estimate of how much dosh your device is worth, you then wait for a pre-paid shipping label, and send it off.

Once received, money will suddenly appear like magic in your bank account. If you’ve given your Apple device too much aggro and isn’t deemed worthy of being traded-in, Apple will recommend how to recycle it responsibly.

Prices seem reasonable compared with other similar sites – unless you know of a better one?

I can see this part of the site becoming quite busy very soon

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