Apple to Refresh Entire iPod Range – September 9

ipodsSo, what’s gonna happen in the next eight days?

Apple has already confirmed it’s having an iPod bash on September 9 and now they seem to have axed their current line of tune chuckers.

Apparently Apple Authorized Resellers have commented that current iPod stock is rapidly running out, if not gone already, and that all of the iPod models for 08-09 have been discontinued.

So – either Apple is giving up on the MP3/Media Player game or the iPod refresh is indeed coming, and soon.

What do you reckon? :0P

There’s already been news aplenty regarding the new iPod nano and iPod touch but it seems that there’s also a refresh happening to the iPod Classic as well – word is that it’s gonna be getting a camera!

Others are thinking that the Classic will be retired in favour of a 64GB Touch – thoughts?

You have just over a week to find out anyhoooo! 🙂

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