Apple to Bring Networked HD TV to Party

With the next Apple Ketnote a matter of days away Jason Calacanis apparently has it on good authority that Apple’s next big thing might be networked high-definition television sets.

Basically it’s a tele with all the Apple TV stuff already built into it.

When you take into consideration that Apple’s been pretty good at the whole digital content thing. It’s got iTunes onto most people’s computers (mine included now) and has made steady progress in hooking up with TV and movie studios, so why not expand more into hardware?

After all, getting stuff from your computer to your TV set hasn’t exactly been an easy task for non-techies. And Apple made it relatively easy for “regular” people to get music from their computers to their portable audio devices, so it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that the company could do the same with television sets.

Let’s see on the 14th 😉