Apple Taking the ‘P’ With Pod Court Case

Apple is getting miffed at people using the word ‘pod’ in their products and court now beckons.

Start-up company Video Labs is developing a projector and has decided that it shall be named ‘Video Pod’, which Apple says will confuse us stupid buyers because we’ll assume it has something to do with their range of media players.

It could happen – just the other day I bought some Pod shoes thinking that I could sync them with iTunes…..  Heheheh!

I could see their point if something was called Video iPod or even iVideo Pod – but just having pod in the name?

Apple has filed an 873-page legal claim document to a US court outlining its claim to exclusively use the word ‘pod’.  Sector Labs will file their reply in October.

Sector Labs’ lawyer, Ana Christian, said to, “What I’m hoping to do with this case is to really reach a lot broader an audience and make it so entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the English language as they see fit in branding their products.”

There are other companies being hassled over this but Sector Labs appears to be the only company that’s taking a stand in this.

Personally I feel sorry for peas – I mean, what are they going to call their homes if this gets through? 🙁

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