Apple Tablet Time-Line Starts in 1888 ends on Wednesday 27 January 2010 (maybe)

Yup folks!

It’s infographic time again!! 🙂

Although the iProd/iTablet/iSlate/iLash/iWhatever hasn’t actually been seen and its existence is still yet to be confirmed by the makers; the lovely Lalawag people have drawn up the history of this most rumoured of products.

How daft are we all going to look if the thing doesn’t actually exist? 😉

But then seeing as Apple’s lawyers took Valleywag to court over their Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt….. I think Apple pretty much proved that the iTablet is real right then :p

I’m just glad that it wasn’t just another rumoured spotting, blurry photo (I wish!) or some overheard bar-talk about the size of the home button.

For the full sized version just click here

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