Apple Search to challenge Google engine

apple search engineApple and Google have been pulling faces at each other for years now since they both entered the smartphone arena. But, where both dish out hardware and software, only one has a web search engine – but that might change soon.

The claws have been out since Google followed Apple into the smartphone business with their launch of Android – Apple launching the iPhone in June 2007 and Google following-up with their Android launch in September 2008.

Now, according to a recent report, Apple may be planning to take on Google in the search engine business, which is where Google generates the majority of its revenue from.

These whispers have been generated by the discovery of a job ad posted by Apple which is looking for engineers to work on ‘Apple Search’.

The job listing goes on to say that the job would entail overseeing a

search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users.” and that they would “Play a part in revolutionizing how people use their computers and mobile devices.”

Many companies have tried to take on Google and their search engine, but it remains the top choice and people even ‘Google’ rather than search the web these days.

It will certainly be interesting to see if Apple can steal a slice of Google’s pie as Apple’s long-running search agreement with Google for its Safari browser expires this year.