Apple to Reveal iPad 3 in February

Apple iPad 3 AnnouncementStart saving for your iPad 3 – more news that it will arrive in March, after a February reveal!

Loose-lipped employees amongst Apple’s component supply chain have let slip that there will be an Apple event happening next month.

You and I both know that a February iPad 3 event fits in nicely with rumours that the tablet will hit store shelves in March.

If you want to know what the iPad 3 will be packing have a look here.

If you still would rather buy an iPad 2 then all is good. It sounds as though Apple is still ordering the faithful 9.7-inch, 1024×768 LCD panels as well as the spanky new 2048×1536 panels.

Will you be queuing, as is the custom, for the iPad 3? Well, it will have a Retina Display and quad-core A6 processor.

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