Apple packing in the pixels – 4K iMac and Retina Display MBA

imac and airOctober will not only see the full release of OS X Yosemite, but also of a 4K iMac desktop and 12in Retina display MacBook Air according to the latest reports.

The news that Yosemite will be available for download free-of-charge towards the end of October comes via 9to5Mac and they add that there’ll be a bunch of new high resolution Mac computers joining the party.

This all makes perfect sense as the Yosemite OS has been designed very much with hi-res displays in mind.

The Retina Display MacBook has been bandied about for quite some time now and word is that it won’t replace either of the current 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air models, but exist on its own as a high-end option. Apparently it’ll have a 12-inch hi-res Retina screen and an even thinner and lighter body than the current offerings.

The 4K iMac seems to have come out of the blue as I’ve not heard the merest whisper about this UHD Apple.

The rumours aren’t giving much away other than that it may actually end up being a monitor rather than a self-contained desktop, and that it’s due for release in Q3 or possibly Q4 this year.

I’m sure that designers, photographers and filmmakers will no doubt be the main target of this latest iMac.

Has the thought of a Retina Display MacBook Air or 4K iMac got your juices flowing?

Let me know below.