Apple Magic TrackPad Brings Multitouch to Desktops and Makes Your Mouse Cry

Today Apple has brought the world of multitouch trackpads to the humble desktop!

That’s right folks – The Magic Trackpad has arrived!

The Magic Trackpad is a larger version of the MacBook Pro touchpad giving you 80% more space on which to pinch and swipe to your hearts content.

It shares the same design and angles as Apple’s wireless keyboard so should be comfy to use and hooks up to your puter via Bluetooth. The entire surface of the TrackPad acts as a button – is that the sound of weeping MagicMouses I hear?

As you’d expect – the Magic TrackPad is down with two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, fingertip rotation, and three- and four-finger swipes. If there’s some bits you don’t want you can just slip over and personalise your requirements over in the System Preferences.

The Magic Trackpad runs on batteries and so Apple has seen the pound signs and released the Apple Battery charger. It comes bundled with six AA batteries and boasts the lowest vampire draw of any “similar charger” out there. You can see it here but the Buy link doesn’t seem to work on the UK store so I can’t give a £price. It costs $29 in the States.

It hasn’t been a bad turn around since rumours started in February, FCC approval earlier this month and now can be yours for $69 or £59 if you live here in the UK 🙂

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