Apple MacBooks Get Revamp and Newness

You may be aware that there has been some rumours about new MacBooks.

No? Really?

Well Apple has given its range of MacBooks an external makeover and a serious power boost to boot!

Their graphics processors have enjoyed the biggest tune-up – each of the machines comes with an NVIDA GeForce 9400M GPU.  Allegedly five times more powerful than the previous MacBook offerings.

MacBook Pro users can choose to upgrade their chipset to the 9400M GT for a extra graphical boost.

The displays are new and nifty as well. The LED backlighting ensures brighter, more vibrant colours as well as requiring less power to operate.  How thoughtful.

That’s all very groovy but kinda par for the upgrading a laptop course really innit?

Hold onto your shorts!

The traditional trackpad has been binned in favour of a special new glass design.

Stevie J said that it took months for the designers to perfect, and it features multitouch gesture support capable of tracking four fingers at the same time.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!

Each model is hewn from a single piece of aluminium and the screen now has a black surround to match the keys.

Even I’m being tempted over to the fruity side!  🙂

For all you stick-in-the-muds the plain old white MacBook is still going to be on offer at a lower price,

The MacBook Air has had a hike in storage – 120GB as standard – and there’s 2GB of RAM inside, with the option of 1.6 GHz or 1.86 GHz processors.

If you go for the big-boy they also throw in a 128GB SSD too for the exchange of an extra £500.

Prices start from £939 for the MacBook, £1,399 for the Pro and £1,299 for the Air.

Dear Santa…………………….