Apple MacBook Lite Touch Revealed – Well………kinda

MacBookTouch Front

Mixing the the 2 main rumours of the Apple iMac-like dock patent and the MacBook touch, here’s a very nice rendering of how the things may look together.

The design includes a minimalist dock station, with an optical drive, extra hard-drive, charging and wireless connectivity but without the screen.

According to the author, “the Keyboard Wireless Dock connects to the dock using Wireless USB. It also has a bigger hard drive, some sort of DVD player/burner, inputs for your USB and Firewire devices. The whole keyboard part itself is used as a large multitouch track pad. Since the keys need to be depressed when hit, you can do lighter touches as you move across the whole thing.”

MacLiteTouch Base

I’ve got to keep reminding myself that this is just a mock up, a very nice mock up I agree, but a mock up nonetheless; especially in that black Powerbook-titanium.

MacBookTouch Dock

I’m loving the mini-dock concept as if/when we get the MacBook lite and it ends up being an ultra-slim MacBook without an optical drive the mini-dock would make perfect sense.

We just have to wait and see what happens and if it actually happens……oh come on Apple!!!!!

Flickr via MacRumors Forums