Apple MacBook Air 2010 – The Low Down on The Skinniest Model

Anyone remember the MacBook Air? It was Apple’s wunderkind before that cheeky young upstart called iPad landed on the scene.

Well, there’s a newer, thinner version that has just made an appearance at the Back to Mac bash.

The new Air comes in two glossy screen sizes and are both crazy thin – they’d make a size 0 model hit the treadmill!

These slimmers-of-the-year measure in at 0.11-inches at its thinnest point and 0.68-inches at its ‘thickest’.

The smaller of the two Air’s tips the scales at 2.3 pounds and sports a 11.6-inch high-resolution 1,366×768-pixel LED-backlit display, while the larger twin weighs 2.9 pounds and is endowed with an 13.3-inch, high-res, 1,440×900-pixel LED-backlit display.

The 13-inch model boasts a 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics. Memory options are a 128GB or 256GB solid-state flash drive. Apple claims it has addressed the battery concerns of the original Air, and states that the battery life for their new 13-incher is 7 hours of real-world use.

The 11-inch lappy will keep on running for up to 5 hours and you can opt for 64GB or 128GB solid-state storage.

You can get them both with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM built in but this is not upgradable – so, it’s worth hanging on to get the spec you want 😉

Even though they feel as light as a netbook they get full-sized keyboards and a glass Multi-Touch track pad, mic, speakers as well as a built-in FaceTime camera to make video calls between the iPhone, iPod Touch and now Macs! I can’t find any info about the FaceTime camera’s resolution just yet.

On the connectivity front, there’s 802.11n Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR two USB ports for those other iThingies that need a quick recharge, and a Mini DisplayPort so you can squirt your vids to eitherthe 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display or your HDTV. Additionally the 13-inch MacBook Air comes with an SD card slot.

The “instant on” capabilities that Steve Jobs has been bragging about seems to only work when your Air is in standby. It still sounds pretty fab but don’t be expecting it to be as instant from the machine being very off.

UK pricing for the new MacBook Air models are as follows: The 11.6-inch model with 64GB of flash storage is priced at £849 with the 128GB model coming in at £999. Go for the 13-inch model 128GB of flash storage, and look to be spending £1,099 or £1,349 for a 256GB model.

They are all available RIGHT NOW!

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